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What We Do

  • Very Low Cost One Off or Quarterly Loadsheet Surveys

  • Aircraft Weight and Balance Data

  • 3rd Party DCS Regulatory Audits

  • SITA Horizon Weight and Balance with CMAP-cg and Monthly Reporting

  • Low Cost E-Manuals Hosting Product and Service

Harnessing Big Data to Save on Fuel

Data is just data right ? No spare time or resources to delve deeper and uncover further savings ? Liberator offers a no-nonsense highly effective independent service to turn your loadsheets data into cost reduction insights. We will gather and analyse your loadsheets to measure current aircraft balance performance from a fuel savings perspective.

  • Our pricing model is now very low cost meaning you can add value whilst saving you from tying up scarce experienced resources to carry out your own loadsheet surveys.
  • How are Ground Handlers doing with fuel savings through better balanced aircraft ?
  • Clear concise reports and analysis of your aircraft loading and balance performance by aircraft type, route, ground handler - all baselined against your own standards and target metrics. We can help you set your metrics if you haven't already done so.
  • Liberator is an experienced highly acclaimed weight and balance audits company that can independently survey your loadsheets to identify current performance levels.
  • A once off survey will highlight current performance versus target company policy.
  • Longer term insights through very low cost quarterly audits will highlight progress made at each airport and by each Ground Handler working on your behalf throughout your route network.
  • With our ACE Service we will assist you to aim high for savings of between 0.5% and 1% of your annual fuel bill. Nowadays that's a substantial sum for ALL airlines.
  • Our partner SITA has recently launched the Horizon PSS and Weight and Balance System that includes Liberator's CMAP Cost Manager functionality. Click here for a 2 minute video. The software provides load planners with on screen graphics showing the cost penalty associated with the current load planning status and loading changes made to get into the Ideal Trim Zone.

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What Customers Think of Liberator

“The CMAP cost manager combines with Horizon Weight and Balance to drive increased levels of awareness, consistency and excellence in load planning, safety and fuel efficiency.”
- Vice President, Passenger Service Systems - SITA

“I would personally like to thank you and your team on the initial and continued support with the Fuel Management Tool.”
- Chris Chance, Head of Departure Control Systems & Development - Etihad Airways

“You and the company lived up to my expectations also on a personal level! We are confident in both Liberator as a service provider and the product.".
- Per Limrell, Vice President Ground Operations - Scandinavian Airlines System


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